Strategic Medical Marketing

I help healthcare professionals acquire new patients by using the internet to promote their clinic and build their brand.

"In today's world, a clinic without an online presence doesn't exist!" - Victor Egonu

Why you need a strong online presence?

Before patients choose you to resolve their pain, they must get to know, like and trust you and your practice as the best solution to their problem amongst all others.

Here's what a good social prescence does...

  • Tells your patients you're an experienced, honest and trustworthy provider.

  • Educates and informs your patients about your services - what discipline you specialize in and the approaches you take.

  • Gives your patient a reason to trust you and remain compliant throughout process.

  • Helps patients have an easy way to reach out to you and your team directly.

  • Allows prospective patients to see your results with their other patients so they can be at ease.

What do you need help with right now?

Check out some of my services below and see how I can help!

Online Advertisements

Online Paid Ads using social platforms; Google, Facebook, Instagram with persuasive copy that improves click-through rate and new patient acquisition.

Appointment Funnels

Modern effective website funnels with compelling brand building copy that reduces bounce rate and increases your visitor conversions into newly booked patients.

Email Marketing

Every clinic needs a list of patient leads. Automate your lead generation process so you can reach out to more prospective patients with info about your services.

Social Media Content

Online social media content that explains your service along with persuasive copy sells it by helping your prospective patients imagine you performing a flawless diagnosis and and a successful procedure.

Reputation Management

It's known that patients don't buy into clinicians...they buy patient stories. In this case; reviews and testimonials. Prospective patients scouting you and your practice out are much more likely to read your past patient reviews than your qualifications and what school you went to.

Media Articles

Promote your practice in a news article on sites via Google News so your patients will trust you a bit more. Perform an evergreen-traffic-generation tactic that will have more prospective patients lining up at your clinic to have you as their provider.

But don't take my word for it

See what other clinicians have to say about my work...

My Process is Easy as 1-2-3

Simple yet effective...

1. Research

During the consultation, we'll discuss your practice and discover which online services would suit your clinic best.

2. Plan

I'll strategize the most efficient method to get more patients scheduling appointments with you.

3. Execute

The plan is set-in-action so that you will reap the results receiving a positive return on your investment.

About Me

Learn more about Victor Egonu

Although I have a background in science/medical academics earning a master's degree in biomedical sciences along with some medical school courses, I've always had a strong passion for online digital marketing. It's like a game to using a set of online digital tools - I can help boost a business' exposure - increasing their lead generation and thus customer base.

I decided to specialize in helping medical and healthcare providers acquire new patients via my Patient Acquisition System (PAS).

With my academic background and having been a former patient who needed surgeries on multiple occasions, I've specialized my client focus to medical & healthcare providers - who identify their patients' pain and resolve it!

I have worked with orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, nurse practitioners and more healthcare providers. I tend to emphasize surgeons as they have the least amount of time to market their service yet it's often the most specialized.

By using the right strategy at the right time in the right place that's ideal for my clients, I'm able to help them convert prospective patients into newly booked patients.

Assuming a successful treatment, they'll rave about your results, I'll capture their review and market it for you so you can efficiently scale, taking your practice to the next level!

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